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Synthesis of ZnS / Sodium Hexameta Phosphate Nanoparticles


a,c National Engineering College, Kovilpatti 628 503.
c Annamalai University, Chidambaram 628 002.


Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) nanoparticles with good photoluminescence have been successfully prepared using chemical precipitation method with Sodium HexaMeta Phosphate (SHMP) as capping agent. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis has determined the diameter of the particles as 3.6 nm , which is smaller than Bohr exciton diameter for ZnS. The study of scanning electron microscope (SEM) images has shown that the particles have smooth surface passivated with polymer and the average size of SHMP capped ZnS nanoparticle is less than 100 nm. Ultraviolet / Visible (UV/Vis) absorbance spectra for synthesized nanoparticles have shown an exitonic peak around 310 nm. Particle sizes with band gap for undoped and doped nanoparticles have been calculated respectively as 4.23 nm (3.74 eV) and 2.55 nm (4.01 eV). Photoluminescence (PL) spectra recorded for undoped and doped ZnS nanoparticles using an excitation wavelength of 310 nm, exhibit an emission peak centered around 447 nm.

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