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X-RayDifferectionof Multilayer CdS/Polyaniline Thin Films

Jitendra Singh1, Pushpendra Singh2, Kapil Sirohi3 and Rohitash Singh4

1Department of Physics, K.G.K. (P.G.) College, Moradabad., U. P., INDIA. 2Department of Applied Sciences, TMU, Moradabad, U. P., INDIA. 3Department of Basic Education, Moradabad, U. P., INDIA. 4Department of Physics, Hindu College, Moradabad, U. P., INDIA.


In the present investigation, the films of Cadmium Sulphide and Polyaniline have been prepared by vacuum Evaporation Technique. The growth and characterization of single layer and multilayer films have been done. In this paper, the study of X-Ray diffraction of multilayer CdS/Polyaniline thin films has been done.

Keywords : Polyaniline, Cadmium sulphide, X-ray diffraction.