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A Survey on Microstrip Patch Antenna

Kali Krishna Giri1, Raj Kumar Singh2 ,Kumari Mamta3 and Ajeet Kumar Shrivastava4

1,2University Department of Physics, Ranchi University, Ranchi, INDIA. 3Department of Applied Physics, Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, INDIA. 4University Department of Physics, C. V. Raman University, Bilaspur, INDIA.


Among different types of antenna, Microstrip Patch Antenna is most popular in wireless communication system. Microstrip patch Antennas have more advantages over conventional antennas due to its simplest configuration like low profile, low cost, low volume, light weight dual and circular polarizations, dual frequency operation, frequency agility, broadband width, feedline flexibility, beam scanning omnidirectional pattern. By creating cuts in the ground, many patch antennas can be implemented in array configuration. The height of patch, substrate thickness and the permittivity of substrate can be optimized to increase the percentage of bandwidth. In this paper, we have surveyed upon various types of Microstrip Patch Antenna, feeding techniques, design equation Substrate Characteristics, Bandwidth Enhancement, Simulation tools etc.

Keywords : Patch Antenna, MPA, Feeding techniques, Bandwidth Enhancement.