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Estimation of Laser Linewidth

Nagmani Prasad Sinha

Arjun Bigha, PO- Zindapur, Magdh University, Bodh Gaya- 824234, Bihar, INDIA.


The laser linewidth for 514.5nm, 501.7nm, 496.5nm, 488nm, 476.5nm has been estimated by applying the classical formula. The linewidth corresponding to various length of resonance cavity as well as for the various output power has been estimated for each value of he wavelength. We have used the formula Δ􀟱􀯖 = 􀯖􀰋􀯖 􀬶􀯅 and Δ􀟱􀯅 = ђ􀰠􀬴.(Δ􀰠􀳎)􀰮 􀬶􀯉 where Δ􀟱􀯖 is cavity resonance width Δ􀟱􀯅 is line width for the laser output and 􀟜􀜿 = 1-􀜴􀬵􀜴􀬶 where 􀜴􀬵 and 􀜴􀬶 are the power reflection coefficient of the cavity minors at the laser frequency.

Keywords : laser linewidth, output power, resonance cavity, laser frequency.