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Comparative Study on Floor Cleaner

Nogendra Kumar Sahu, Nitesh Kumar Sharma, M. R. Khan and Deepesh Kumar Gautam

1Electronics & Telecommunication, GEC Jagdalpur INDIA.
2Electronics & Communication, Dr. C.V. Raman University Bilaspur, INDIA.
3Electronics &Telecommunication, GEC Jagdalpur INDIA. 4Electronics and Telecommunication, Govt. Girls Polytechnic Jagdalpur, INDIA.


The research paper details the development of Automatic Floor Cleaner. The used for domestic and industrial purpose to clean the surface automatically. When it is turned ON, it sucks in the dust by moving all around the surface (floor or any other area) as it passes over it. The controller is used to drive the motors and the suction unit also a couple of sensors is used to avoid the obstacles. This can be useful in improving the lifestyle of mankind. In this paper, we implemented a human-friendly cleaning robot system for the domestic ubiquitous environment. Though conventional automatic cleaning robots already exist, these robots do not work in sync with humans. These robots' cleaning operations often obstruct a person in the home.

Keywords : Arduino, LCD, KEYPAD, RF MODULE, IR SENSOR.