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Preparation and Luminescent Properties of Eu3+ Doped Barium Strontium Orthosilicate (SrBaSiO4) Phosphor

Zambare Pradip Z.* Chaudhari Dilip B.1 and Mahajan O. H.2

*Department of Physics, S. V. Sís Dadasaheb Rawal College, Dondaicha, (M.S.), 425408 INDIA. 1Department of Physics, ASC College, Bhalod, Dist Jalgaon, INDIA. 2Department of Physics, M. J. College Jalgaon, (M.S.), INDIA.


Europium doped BaSrSiO4 phosphors were prepared by high temperature modified solid state diffusion method. The starting materials Strontium carbonate SrCO3 Barium carbonate BaCO3and silicate SiO3 are used to prepare BaSrSiO4 Phosphor and its optical properties were studied. XRD analysis suggests direct reaction between SrCO3 and SiO2 powders. The crystallite size of powders samples were calculated from X-ray peak broadening of the diffraction using Schererís formula. The calculated average crystallite size of the BaSrSiO4 phosphor is 25 nm. The XRD patterns of the powders revealed that the structure of BaSrSiO4 is orthorhombic. The photoluminescence of the obtained phosphors were studied. The conversion ratios of the BaSrSiO4 starting materials are calculated from the weight loss. The CIE co-ordinates for the Eu doped BaSrSiO4 phosphors were x=0.30 and y=0.31. From the CIE chromaticity diagram for the emissions of Eu3+ doped BaSrSiO4. This phosphor having color tenability and this phosphor has an important candidate of the lighting system.

Keywords : XRD, Modified solid state diffusion method, SEM, Photoluminescence, Phosphor.