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Dependence of Geomagnetic Storms on Diverse Solar Wind Parameters, Interplanetary Magnetic Field, Interplanetary Conditions for Solar Cycle 23

Chandni Mathpal and Lalan Prasad

Department of Physics, Govt. P.G. College, Berinag-262531 Pithoragarh Uttarakhand, INDIA.


In order to find the association of geomagnetic storm (GS) with various solar wind parameters, interplanetary magnetic field (IMF B), interplanetary conditions (such as By, Bz and Ey), we incorporate the analysis technique by superposed-epoch method. The current analysis depict that solar wind parameters (such as solar wind speed V and plasma proton temperature), interplanetary conditions (such as Bz and Ey) and IMF B are geo-effective parameters while By component is not a geo-effective parameter. By the comparision of different indices and finally we conclude that Kp index is a powerful indicator of geomagnetic activity.

Keywords : Solar wind parameters, Interplanetary conditions, Interplanetary magnetic field, Geomagnetic storm.