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Study of Electron-phonon Resistivity in Metals

P. Poddar and Shekhar

University Department of Physics, Magadh University Bodh-Gaya- 824234, INDIA.



A detailed investigation of the thermal derivative of the electrical resistivity dƿ/dT, as a function of temperature is presented for a series of selected high purity metals: Cu, Ag and Al. The experimental results are compared with the theoretical predictions for dƿ/dT based on the Bloch-Gruneisen theory. In contrast to the case of ƿ(T), considerable differences were found between theory and experiment for the case of dƿ/dT. The role played by the transverse branches of the photon spectrum is examined, and a simple model is presented leading to a better quantitative description of the results. The Anharmonicity in the vibrational lattice spectrum was found to be an important effect in the temperature range, investigated in the case of the low melting point metals: in, Sn and Pb. In particular, it can explain the anomalous increase of dƿ/dT at high temperature (T > Ө), Debye temperature) where, according to the B-G formula dƿ/dT, should become constant.

Keywords : electrical resistivity, Anharmonicity, B-G formula.