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Multiple-doping Induced Tailoring of Magnetic and Antibacterial Properties of ZnO Nanopowders

P. Sathish

Post Graduate, Department of Physics, Annai Vailankanni Arts & Science College, Thanjavur - 613 007, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


Ag + Mn and Ag + Mn+ F doped ZnO nanopowders were synthesized using combustion method and their magnetic, structural, surface morphological and antibacterial properties are studied. The magnetic studies reveal that the doped ZnO nanopowders exhibit super paramagnetic behavior. Surface morphological studies show that the grain size of the undoped ZnO is about 250 nm and the size reduces by one order of magnitude (from 250 nm to 23 nm) after doping. The antibacterial efficiency of the synthesized nanopowders is tested against one gram negative bacteria viz E. Coli and it is found that the antibacterial efficiency of ZnO nanopowder increases remarkably after multiple doping. All the doped and undoped nanopowders exhibit better efficiency against E. Coli.

Keywords : ZnO:Ag:Mn:F nanopowders; FESEM; VSM; antibacterial activities.