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A Theoretical Evaluation of Changes of Refractive Index As a Function of Photon Energy for Different Incident Optical Intensities and Fixed Length of Quantum Wire

Priyanka Kumari1, Sangeeta Sinha2 and L. K. Mishra3

1D/o Shree Shambhu Sharma, C/o Shree R. P. Sharma, MIG 309 near Shivajee Park, Kankarbagh, Patna-800020 (Bihar), INDIA. 2Associate Professor, Department of Physics, A. N. College, Patna-800013 (Bihar), INDIA. 3Department of Physics, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya-824234 (Bihar), INDIA.


Using the theoretical formalism of Reza Khordad [J. Theor & Appl. Phys, 6, 19 (2012)] and R Khordad et al., [Commun. Theor Phys, 57, 1076 (2012)], we have evaluated inter subband optical refractive index changes of the wire as a function of photon energy. The evaluation has been performed in two ways: (1) Keeping length of the wire fixed and varying the incident optical intensity (2) Keeping incident optical intensity fixed and varying the length of the wire. We observed that in the first case the total refractive index changes decreases with increase of the optical intensity. In the second case, the total refractive index changes decreases as the quantum size decreases. These results have great importance in the quantum confinement of the charge carriers of the nanostructured material. Our theoretically evaluated results are in good agreement with the other theoretical workers.

Keywords : Quantum wire, quantum dots, Quantum confinement, Inter subband total refractive changes, Linear and nonlinear refractive index changes, Optoelectronic and photonic devices, Parallelogram Cross section.