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Application of Satellite Communication & Remote Sensing for Development

Eshwari, Ashutosh Pandey and A. K. Shrivastava

Department of Physics, Dr. C.V. Raman University, Kota, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, INDIA.


The advent of communication satellite and remote sensing individually as well as jointly, are playing a significant role in the development and inclusive growth of the rural and urban areas in India. The applications of remote sensing include forest and wastelands mapping, land-use/land cover mapping, land form and land-degradation studies, agriculture and soil mapping, ecology and Geo-sciences and geo-morphologic mapping, and mineral, oil and water exploration, coastal and ocean resources studies, environment monitoring, disaster management, urban area studies, e.- education, healthcare and environmental impact assessment. The communication satellite has a great impact on environment studies as it had proved to be of great use in learning about marine pollution and oil slicks. Also important is its use in coral reef studies. Satellite communication is used in a number of fields, e.g. to provide trunk link for communication providers, private networks for corporations, and temporary communication systems in disasters. This paper describes application of satellite communication and remote sensing with advanced techniques in providing solutions areas of primary importance in rural and urban development such as education, health care and harnessing of natural recourses.

Keywords : Communication Satellite, Remote Sensing, Development, Soil Mapping, Environment, Disaster and Recourses.