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Theoretical Studies on Light- Emitting Diodes : A Review

B. R. Verma1 and S. K. Patel2

1Department of Physics, Government S.G.G. PG College, Kurud (Dhamtari)-493663, C.G., INDIA. 2Department of Physics, Government Digvijay PG College, Rajnandgaon-491441, C.G., INDIA.


The Light-emitting diode, frequently known as LED, is a semiconductor p-n junction device that under proper forward-biased conditions can emit external spontaneous radiation in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions of the spectrum. The main function of an LED is to convert electrical energy into light energy in the visible part of the spectrum for display and illumination purposes. The present paper reports that the theoretical studies on light-emitting diodes and its applications in lighting system technology.

Keywords : LED, recombination, electroluminescence and quantum efficiency.