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Collagen Biomatrix Mediated Synthesis of Ferrofluids

Navya Mishra1 and Suprabha Nayar2

1Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, Indian Institute of Public Health-Delhi, Institutional Area, Gurgaon, INDIA. 2CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Delhi, INDIA


INDIA (Received on: July 14, 2015) ABSTRACT The observed magnetization of ferrofluids synthesized using conventional methods is found to be much lower than expected in most MRI applications and its toxicity profile also presents sizeable risks. A significant contributing factor to this reduction in magnetization is the use of polymer matrices which interact with and entrap the iron oxide nanoparticles within the interstitial voids created in their three dimensional conformations. As a means to counter reduction in magnetization and to achieve a better toxicity profile, we attempted a size restriction method of synthesis using collagen as a biomatrix, so that the particle size could be better controlled and maintained without interfering with the magnetic sensitivity of the fluid. Based on the principle of embedding ferrofluid samples within a collagen biomatrix, we synthesized ferrofluids with varying proportions of collagen in different solvents and measured the resultant particle size of iron particles trapped within the biomatrix, we performed analyses of particle size and stability based on Dynamic Light Scattering, characterization using X-Ray diffraction and studied the integrity of the biomolecular matrix- embedded particle structure via confocal microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The experiment proved to be fairly successful, collagen being able to restrain the size to the nano regime. Size analysis showed the particles having acquired a desired size after synthesis of the ferrofluid. The particles were also seen to have incipient stability.

Keywords : Ferrofluids, Size restriction synthesis, nanomaterial, collagen, biomimetics.