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Comparative Study of Different Type of Spiral Antennas

Namita Pandey, P. Hota, S. Mishra, A. K. Shrivastava and K. N. Singh

Department of Physics, Dr. C.V. Raman University Kota Bilaspur, C.G., INDIA.


In this work we have reported radiation pattern of different types of spiral antennas with length taken 12 cm and variable diameter staring from 2.5 cm (base) to 1cm (top). The lengths of arms were taken 6 cm each with diameter similar to basic spiral antenna. The receiver which is used for the measurement of RF signal level with high accuracy and repeatability within the frequency range 750 MHz to 800 MHz. It is found that the radiation pattern of spiral antenna shows almost frequency independent behavior for the antenna with multiple arms (arm-1, arm-2 and arm-3), specially for arm-3 spiral antenna. The radiation pattern for arm-1 and arm-2 shows almost similar pattern, which have small directive property along the direction 240 to 250 while antenna pattern of arm has covered wide area without showing any special direction indicating complete frequency independent nature similar as Archimedean spiral antennas.

Keywords : Radiation Pattern, frequency independent, Archimedean spiral antennas.