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Transport Properties of Barium

Sanjay Kumar1 and P. Poddar2

1Department of Physics, St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi Jharkhand, INDIA. 2University Department of Physics, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya-824234 Bihar, INDIA.


The electrical resistivity (ρ), thermal conductivity (K), and thermo electric power (S) of Ba have been measured at different temperature ranges. The electrical resistivity data for pure Ba differs from previous value in that it shows no evidence of a phase transition at any temperature. The metal has large residual resistivity. The resistance remains constant at low temperatures below 10K. The temperature range in which the constancy of electrical resistivity persists, becomes minimum for Ba in the list of alkaline earth metals. It has linear temperature dependent above about 15K. The result of the analysis of the electrical resistivity, suggests it as semiconductor at low temperatures. Density of free electrons per atom for Ba is much smaller than the number of its valence electrons and varies with temperature. All ρ, K and S data for pure Ba is explained semi-quantitatively using a simple model. PACS numbers : 74.25.Fy

Keywords : Electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity, thermoelectric power, B. G. formula, Lorentz number, Paramagnetic susceptibility.