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Growth and Characterization of Fe-doped KNbO3 Single Crystals

Naresh M. Patil1, Vivek B. Korde1 and Sanjay H. Shamkuwar2

1Department of Applied Physics, Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA. e-mail: 2Arts, Commerce & Science College, Kiran Nagar, Amravati, Maharashtra, INDIA


The doped KNbO3 single crystals have been prepared using flux method by taking K2CO3 and Nb2O5 as starting materials in the molar ratio of 1.2:1 with an impurity i.e. Fe2O3 (10 mg). The prepared samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction method to determine lattice parameters. The material is orthorhombic at room temperature having a = 5.69195 , b = 3.96691 and c = 5.71130 . The dielectric properties of Fe-doped KNbO3 single crystal have been investigated w. r. t. temperature at different frequencies. It is observed that the dielectric constant and loss tangent increases with increasing temperature and decreases with frequency. The dielectric curve shows phase transition peak at 430?C known as Curie temperature which confirm by DTA curve

Keywords : Doped KNbO3 single crystal; dielectric properties