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Analysis of Electrical Resistivity of Electron Doped La1-xTexMnO3 Manganites

A. Dubey1, M. S. Azad3, A. K. Srivastava2, R. Tiwari4, M. W. Shaikh5 and Irfan Mansuri4

1Department of Physics, Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Pithampur Road Rau, Indore, M.P., INDIA. 2Department of Physics, C. V. Raman University, Kargi Road Kota, Bilaspur, C. G., INDIA. 3Malwa Institute of Technology, Dewas Road Indore, M. P., INDIA. 4Sunrise University - Bagad Rajput, Alwar, Rajasthan, INDIA. 5Acropolis Technical Campus, Village Tillore, Indore, M. P., INDIA Email: -


In the present paper we focuses on a quantitative analysis of the metallic behaviour of electrical resistivity in electron doped perovskite manganites La1xTexMnO3 (x = 0.1). The electrical resistivity data are then theoretically analyzed within the framework of the classical electron–phonon model of resistivity, i.e. the Bloch–Gruneisen model. For the electron doped La1-x TexMnO3 with x = 0.1 manganites, the electron-phonon, electron-electron and electron-magnon interactions are effective to describe the resistivity behaviour for temperatures less than the metal-insulator transition. Detailed analysis of the electrical resistivity of electron doped manganites suggests that besides the electron–phonon effect another possibility for the change in carrier density arises due to the presence of electron correlation in the metallic system

Keywords : Manganites; electron–electron, electron–phonon