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Effect of Surface Tension on Single Mode Nonlinear Rayleigh -Taylor Instability

Rahul Banerjee and S. Kanjilal

St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College 33/1 Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani, Kolkata-, INDIA. e-mail:


A theoretical framework to study nonlinear Rayleigh Taylor instability with vorticity and surface tension is presented. It is seen that the magnitude of the suppression of the growth rate of the tip of the bubble highly depends upon the surface tension provided surface tension is less than a critical value. On the other hand, if the surface tension is greater than the critical value, the oscillatory behavior of the interface is observed. The critical value of the surface tension strongly depends upon the strength of the vorticity and Atwood number. Results obtained from numerical simulation of the relevant nonlinear equations describing the temporal development of the bubble

Keywords : Rayleigh Taylor instability, vorticity, surface tension